Thursday, December 20, 2007

Let's Get it On

Sometimes I wonder what life would look like if I could live a song. Or the idea of a song. Listening to Rod Stewart make something new out of a Cole Porter song, the piano light, the horns insistent, I wonder why my hair isn't set in rollers or why my nails are chipped. And where the hell are my silk stockings?

I can understand why losing an iPod is akin to losing a limb. Once you've set your life to a soundtrack it's hard to go back to the mundane. With Marvin Gaye in my head the street comes alive. Like the opening scene of a musical, energy illuminates the mailbox and the streetlights with 1970's sunbeams, the whole world suddenly pieced together, every character with a role and a purpose.

Is there a way to do that without a pair of headphones? I want to think so. I want to feel like a Gershwin introduction or a Strokes song without having it piped in. To be just as imaginative without an electronic prompt. Maybe what music does is open me up enough to see the world in a different light and to do so without a crutch takes time to learn.


Marc H. Schutzbank said...

Maybe its not that the ipod is a crutch, but rather an instrument. Drugs are not all bad, a lot of times they help us to cope in this crazy fucked up world that we call civilization. We rarely choose our stimuli. Its that kid yelling on the plane or the lady that's bumping into us with one of those ginormous purses. I rarely can choose. So many times its the other that decides. I like that I can decide sometimes. And a lot of the time I need help, so I use my ipod.

I guess that's when you're not around. I have a hard time making music without my harmony. And babe, you hit that for me. Thanks for the dance. I'll see you soon.

Anonymous said...

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